My Approach 

There are many different types of coaching and each coach brings their own coaching style, tools, life experience and human understanding.

Being with you wherever you are………….

The basis of my work is to ‘be’ with you wherever you are. I work with professional men and women who feel disillusioned and overwhelmed yet with no time to do anything about it. Yes, it requires courage to take the step of asking for support.  However, in me you will have a collaborative partner who believes in coaching the ‘whole’ person and whatever you bring to the coaching space by way of your professional and personal background, your culture, living and working environment, belief systems, blocks, familiar patterns, emotions, fears, ambitions and dreams.

I believe in the importance of connection: between body, mind, wisdom and spirit; head and heart; and of connecting – thinking and feeling, doing and being. I work with people in an experiential way and believe that for any transition, change or transformation to happen we need to be fully aware of ourselves (that is, mindful of our whole being) and connected to a deeper and more resourceful inner-knowing. All of this helps facilitate a more sustainable change and gets to the heart of what really matters.

What I can help with (for individuals, groups and teams):

  • Career change and job transition
  • Organizational transition
  • Developing leadership potential
  • Personal development – e.g. confidence-building, rediscovering you and your voice, how to express yourself more effectively and create more impact, connecting with you and your presence
  • Working through personal and professional challenges; building resilience
  • Developing more effective and satisfying relationships with others in a professional or home environment
  • Dealing with overwhelming experiences at work and at home 
  • Identifying your passion and purpose and what may be missing in your life
  • Learning to listen to yourself and trust what you are hearing
  • Connecting  your energy with whatever helps you to move forward positively

My commitment

My commitment as a coach is to:

  • Be present, open, caring, curious and enquiring
  • Create a safe space in which you can be fully ‘present’ and also to be respectful of your space
  • Listen without judgement and be a non-judgmental witness
  • Be objective and offer honest and direct feedback
  • Be encouraging, compassionate and heart-centered
  • Help you gain better/more self-awareness
  • Support you to gain clarity, find new perspectives and reach your goals
  • ‘Hear’ and acknowledge your struggles, pain, and concerns with empathy
  • Help you become more aware of both your healthy and unhealthy patterns, as well as your blocks and barriers
  • Help you understand your impact on others
  • Respect that you are resourceful
  • Acknowledge that you are human
  • Be your partner in co-creating something new, better and different for you
  • ‘Be with’ you each step of the way
  • Hold our conversations and communications in complete confidence

What I do not offer:

To ‘fix’ you, because that is not the purpose of coaching.

Tell you what to do – my role is to support your exploration process, create the space that allows you to blossom, and help you find your own answers.

A ‘quick fix’ approach, as I believe the results are generally not sustainable.

How I work:

I work face-to-face, virtually (e.g., via Skype or Zoom), or over the phone, and am happy to work internationally and across different time zones.

I offer the following types of coaching:

  • One-to-one with individuals (face-to-face or virtual)
  • Individual and group coaching in a corporate or organizational setting

I also offer:

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