Coaching and Mentoring for Coaches

Are you are a coach in training – for example, in foundation training or taking a certification program? Then I would love to support you.

In addition to focusing on your personal and professional growth we can integrate and work on any specific goals that you have as part of your training and align your coaching with the topics covered in your coaching program.

I can work with you either in-person or virtually, offering one-one coaching support throughout your certification program.

Somatic (Body-Centered) Mentoring and Training

If you are a coach or helping professional who wants to add another dimension to your practice or change how your clients experience their own personal or professional lives, I can help deepen your learning.

I am part of a small international group of Certified Body-Centered Coaches and a Community of Licensed Trainers of the Body-Centered Coaching Method.

The Body-Centered Coaching Method, developed by Marlena Field, is a somatic (body-centered) approach that gives coaches an advanced level toolkit to create sustainable change with their clients.

Using my own coaching experience and my learning of Somatic Body-Centered Coaching I will guide you through a specially created range of techniques, and practices so that you can bring this powerful approach to your clients.

Integrating this coaching experience into your practice will enable you and your clients to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and personal resources as well as gain an enhanced capacity for mindfulness, self-awareness, and congruent action to live more fully the life you desire.

This training will help you to support your clients shed their limiting beliefs, make decisions they will commit to, and develop embodied resources that will give them greater confidence, resilience and presence.

This training works best if you…….

  • Consider yourself to be a life-long learner and are always looking for ways to enhance your work with clients.
  • Have an openness and willingness to learn new practices.
  • Place a high value on personal and professional growth.
  • Want to make an important difference to your clients by creating a greater depth of insight, self-awareness and self-acceptance.

What makes the Body-Centered Method different from other somatic trainings?

  • Body-Centered Coaching incorporates multi-disciplinary approaches to deliver sustainable change.
  • It can be taught and practiced in person, over the phone or virtually with equal effectiveness.
  • The training is a valuable adjunct to what a coach or other helping professional is already doing.
  • The skills and techniques are flexible and versatile and you will be able to use them to fit your own style.
  • It is a coaching model and not a therapy model.
  • Body-Centered Coaching provides coaches and helping professionals with an additional and dynamic modality that can be applied one-on-one or in a group situation.  It can also be applied to any leadership model geared towards organizational or team development.

Keen to discover more about somatic coaching?

Please get in touch if ….

  • You are interested in designing a flexible individual package of training (in-person or delivered virtually).
  • You are interested in joining a group training class, learning module by module, (either in-person or delivered virtually).
  • You are interested in finding out about ‘in-house’ training for small groups in an organizational setting (e.g. ideal for groups of healthcare/helping professionals).


 Interested in finding out more?